Spring Home Maintenance

April 6, 2016


As you begin your annual Spring Cleaning inside your house, make sure to use our helpful checklist for a few outside areas that should also be checked.  By doing this, you will help to reduce your energy bills, improve your homes appearance and to avoid those big-ticket repairs later on.   We’ve also included a few referrals for you if you need to call someone for a little added help.

* Call a professional to have your AC inspected: keeping your AC tuned up properly and changing out your filter each month can keep your AC running longer and more efficiently.

* Total Comfort: (763) 383-8383

* Ron Fierstad: Ron’s Heating & A/C, (612) 382- 4787

* Caulk cracks around doors & windows: for cracks wider than a nickel, apply new caulk to keep the warm air out of your house.  Make sure around doors you don’t see any daylight coming through, if you do, add weather stripping.

* Clean out gutters: make sure your gutters are clear of debris that settled during the winter months to insure on those rainy days your gutters can work properly to carry water 3-4 feet away from your home’s foundation.

* Inspect your roof & deck for any repairs needed: if you discover any loose shingles, or changes in your roof & deck from the winter, be sure to call a professional to come out and provide an estimate on what needs to be done to prevent any damage to your home.

* Mike Caron: M&R Home Services, (612) 716-8954

* Pressure wash your home: keep your home looking good by removing dirt and stains that are on your home from the snow and blowing of winter.

* Wash windows: Cleaning your windows including the sills and tracks of the windows will keep your home looking good and removing all the settled dirt and dust from winter.

* Squeege Squad: squeegesquad.com

* Repair sidewalks & driveways: Fixing cracks in sidewalks and driveways before they get worst will help to increase the life of both.

* Call a chimney sweep: Calling a professional will insure your chimney caps are in place and the damper is working correctly.  For wood burning stoves you’ll want to close the damper during the summer months to save energy and to keep unpleasant odors out.

* Nick Arredondo: Nick’s Chimney Services, 612-481-9356

* Prepare lawn mower: make sure your blade is sharp and ready to cut your grass all summer long.  Having a sharp blade keeps your lawn healthier and looking best.

* Reset irrigation system: take a look at your irrigation system to see if any leaks have occurred over the winter and that your control panel is set properly to make sure you aren’t over or under watering.  If you see any changes from the fall, call in a professional to tune-up your system.

* Jim Geach: Jim’s Sprinkler System, (612) 747-7432

*  Call a handyman: if you have several jobs that need to get done, give one of our preferred Handyman’s a call!

* Greg Olson: (612) 281- 5499

* George Paterson: (612) 382- 8160

* Josh Dieterichs: (763) 244-5934

* Al Mogensen: 612-865-8747

Need a referral for something not listed above?  Contact us today and we will help you with getting a referral.

Following these tips will help to prepare your house for the warmer months and keep it in tip-top shape!

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Investment Properties

April 4, 2016


There are so many great options out there for investments. One that is very popular, is investing in single-family homes, townhomes or condos. A lot of times the real estate market can be a great way for you to invest your money in hopes to get a great gain in the end.

If you have considered investing, why not invest in real estate? If you are able to purchase a home, for the right price of course, there may be a great opportunity for you to go through and fix up the home in order to resell. You could also purchase a home, fix it up if need be and then rent it out. There are so many great options for purchasing real estate and the Better Living Group is always here to help.

If you do purchase a single-family property, there are typically two different types that are great for investments. One would be a home that needs cosmetic work such as new appliances, paint, carpet, and maybe some fixtures throughout the home. This is a great way to spruce up a property and update it to today’s modern style in hopes to sell it for a good profit. This is typically the first type of investment property that investors purchase.

Secondly, purchasing a home that needs a full rehab is a different story. By full rehab I mean the whole home may need walls torn down to open up space, new doors, new appliances, maybe finishing a basement, putting on a deck and so much more. Of course, this type of home does need a lot more work and a lot more money put into it in order to make it ready for resale. However, if purchased for the right price, the equity may be of vast amount.

If you or someone you know is thinking about buying a home and/or selling your current home, contact the Better Living Group today! We are here to provide you with information on purchasing a home and a free market analysis for the home you are considering to sell. The Better Living Group are Real Estate professionals in the Twin Cities and Greater Metro areas who are ready and able to assist with all of your Real Estate needs and goals and to provide only the best Real Estate service to all of our clients past, present and future.

To see your current home value, click here.

The Better Living Group

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