Beginnings of a Modern Day Kitchen: Temple Project

July 21, 2020

Today is a big day for this mid-century modern, Minnetonka home! In fact, this day could very well be a major part of why we purchased this home eight years ago. There have been so many hours put into imagining what this kitchen could be and now we are finally putting those design ideas into action.

A quick history of this home; it was built in 1954, is on a 0.53 acre lot and just under 2,600 finished square feet. When we purchased this home, it came with a solid foundation, sizable living spaces and a whole bunch of renovation potential. Just the kind of project we were looking for!

We’ve completed some renovations throughout the years which has seemed to focus a lot on the exterior and a few smaller interior projects. Now it is time to see how much we can do with a mid-century kitchen that is desperately seeking an upgrade.

We are excited to offer an insider look at what it really takes to renovate a kitchen AND stay within budget. How much time, labor and money will we endure? Well, our first licensed contractor meeting starts today so there will be much more to come…

Below are a few pictures of the original kitchen as seen when purchased in 2012 and the current kitchen after minor paint updates.







Follow us on our journey as we navigate the ups and downs of remodeling our kitchen.

We hope we ALL enjoy the ride!

Chelsea Knutson
the Better Living Group/Avenue Realty

June 2020 ~ Real Estate Market Update

July 8, 2020

It’s hard to believe we are now half way through 2020.  We continue to see the real estate market remain stable.  Our team is busy working with clients on both the buying and selling side.  Are you thinking now is the time to list your home or start the search for your next home?  Reach out to us, we’d love to have a conversation with you to see how we can work together.

Take a look to see how cities across the Twin Cities performed in June.  Don’t see a city you are interested in?  Let us know, we’d be happy to create a personalized report for you.

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Chelsea Knutson, Georgie Christian & Darcy Warcken





the Better Living Group/Avenue Realty