Demo Daze in a Remodeling Haze

September 25, 2020

So here we are, weeks later and A LOT has happened. Some good, some bad and all of it to be expected…mostly.

What have we been doing thus far? Demo, demo, demo. We have removed all of the old plaster, insulation and flooring, removed a wall and added a microlam beam with additional support, framed a new pantry closet and doorways, installed new electrical wiring and breakers, installed new plumbing, hired contractors including a structural engineer….and so much more.

Has this all gone smoothly with zero setbacks? Of course, not! We have had successes and failures, and with those failures we have learned so much. Here are our top three tips so far;

1.  Do your best to plan and budget for what could be, and you will be OK if/when everything turns out to be something completely different. There is no way to plan for everything.
2.  Surround yourself with trusted people who have proven skills in the area you need the expertise. This will save you SO much time and money when you do hit a remodeling roadblock, and you will.
3.  Take a day off! Try not give your project every waking moment of your time and mind. It is important to give yourself breaks from the grind of it all, for you and for those around you.
Overall, remodeling has a tendency to follow the general “expect the unexpected” rule. You will have good days and you will have bad days. Either way, hold on to the knowledge that this too shall pass, and it will all work out in the end.

We will have a variety of remodel appointments, inspections and installs in the coming weeks and I look forward to updating you all soon. In the meantime, check out the newest progress pics, from then to now!

IMG_4497  IMG_4499
IMG_4500  IMG_4567
IMG_4564  IMG_4568
IMG_4692  IMG_4691
Best, Chelsea K
Chelsea Knutson
Better Living Group/Avenue Realty

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