Is New Construction Right for You?

December 6, 2019


Are you considering new construction versus previously owned/already built homes? I hear all the time from prospective clients that they are considering building but either do not know where to start OR they have already began looking at models with no real direction.


When you are considering the process of building a brand-new home, let me tell you, a Trusted Realtor is your number one guide through that lengthy process. Building has many aspects that previously owned homes may not. Having a Licensed Professional there to represent solely You in the purchase of your new home is extremely important.


We will be there from the beginning stages of looking at models to picking out your desired lot, design appointments, framing stages and of course the final product! However, it does not end there. As your representative, we will ensure you are always getting the best incentives offered through the builder and so much more (per Builder their incentives will vary).


Many aspects of building a new home can be overwhelming and we want to ensure you are always best represented. So, contact us today if this is something you are considering. Let us represent you in the process of building your Dream Home today!


Georgie Christian, Realtor


the Better Living Group/Avenue Realty