New Construction: Working with a Realtor

October 6, 2020


When it comes to new construction many do not know where to start and how a Licensed Realtor can assist through that process.

As a realtor we can sell any type of property whether that be residential, single-family, raw land, to-be-built homes and more. Our team has assisted many clients through the purchase of new construction properties and to-be-built homes through a variety of builders. This process has shown many benefits for our clients. For example, in the past we have had to negotiate the cancellation of a new construction property for a client. In order to get a large portion of their nonrefundable earnest money back, our team fought hard for our client and were able to end the transaction in the best way possible for our client. When purchasing a new construction property there are many different aspects that come in to play when it comes to terms. Builders may offer different options as far as closing costs, finishes, price points on all aspects of the property and other items that may be negotiable within an agreement. We are here to make sure YOU get not only the property that you are wanting but also the smoothest and most comfortable transaction.

Currently in the Twin Cities and Greater Metro areas there is an abundance of new construction going up with an expansive array of builders. Price points and type of property will vary per area and per builder. Here is an idea of price points in a couple different locations:

Maple Lake and surrounding area New Construction Price Points between $234,900-$1,250,000.

Albertville and surrounding area New Construction Price Points between $248,900-$799,600.

Minnetonka and surrounding area New Construction Price Points between $524,900-$1,599,900.

This is just a fraction of the new construction going up here in Minnesota and the price points of said construction. Of course, with different price points comes different finishes, sizes, style of home and so much more. If you are interested in purchasing new construction, let me tell you, that there is a lot that goes into it and we on the Better Living Group are here and happy to assist you through that process. We will ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision on the purchase of a new construction property that best fits your wants and needs in a new and custom home.


Georgie Christian



Better Living Group/Avenue Realty