Edina, MN Home Remodel | Main Level Tour Phase 2

February 4, 2023

New Main Level Video Tour from our investor’s Edina, MN home renovation! Phase 2 has begun and insulation is the name of the game. Choosing to use spray foam insulation in this home supports wall strength, reduces noise, and provides a higher R-Value which will be a much appreciated cost savings in the long run.

Spray foam insulation has many other benefits that will positively impact your home. If you are looking for an insulation contractor referral, or would like more information about remodeling homes in the Edina, MN, and/or surrounding areas, contact us today!

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Minnesota Market Monday: Excelsior, MN

January 31, 2023


Minnesota Market Monday: The most recent Local Market Statistics are in and this week we are featuring the area of Excelsior, Minnesota. The city of Excelsior is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis and lines the southern shores of Lake Minnetonka. It is known for its historic commercial district and being a local hot spot for shopping, dining, recreational activities and family-friendly events. Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Excelsior is hosting the 3rd Annual @klondikedogderby this February 3rd-4th. This is a 40-mile sled dog race that will start & finish on Water Street. Its an exciting and unique experience for all ages!
For more information about Excelsior, MN, and/or surrounding areas, contact us today!
photo credit: @klondikedogderby
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What Will Home Prices Look Like in 2023?

January 27, 2023

Wondering what home prices will look like in 2023? Well, on average, homes prices are expected to decrease by 7% this year. This is the result of a decrease in Buyer demand, much of that due to higher interest rates and inflation. Typically when the demand goes down, home prices respond accordingly.

So let’s put this into perspective: since February 2020, home prices have soared an average of 42%. That makes a 7% price drop seem like a small adjustment for the overall health of the housing market. This is a sign of the market working to rebalance and to provide a more even playing field for both Buyers and Sellers.

Is it still a good time to Buy or Sell a home? Yes! Homeowners are better positioned to sell now than before 2020, and Buyers will have an easier buying experience than in the past couple of years.

Want more real estate stats on what your market is currently doing? Contact us today and get the latest data!

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Edina, MN Home Remodel | Lower Level Tour

January 27, 2023

Check out our New Lower Level Video Tour of this home renovation in Edina, Minnesota. Currently in Phase 1 of the remodeling process, this investor is paying close attention to detail to ensure this home is thoughtfully designed in every way. She also works with a loyal and highly skilled team of contractors that always go above and beyond expectations. An important key to a successful renovation.

If you’re looking for home remodeling advice and/or more information about real estate in the Edina, MN area, contact us today! And be sure to Stay Tuned for the upcoming Phase 2 video tours!

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Minnesota Market Monday: St. Louis Park, MN

January 23, 2023

Minnesota Market Monday: December 2022 Local Market Statistics are in! This week we are featuring the area of St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The city of St. Louis Park is located just west of Minneapolis and is a neighboring city to Golden Valley. It offers an urban living environment combined with numerous parks and trails that connect to a variety of areas in the Twin Cities. St. Louis Park is well known for its many community events including the SLP Art Fair, MinnesoThai Street Food Festival and Twin Cities Film Fest.

For more information about the St. Louis Park, MN area, and/or surrounding areas, contact us today!

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How Much Does it Cost to Flip a House?

January 23, 2023

Flipping a House can be super exciting. But it can also be a major wallet drainer. Make sure you’re prepared for all the costs before you sign the paperwork on a fixer-upper by accounting for these expenses.

  1. Purchase Price of Fix & Flip Property: This is the original sticker cost that you close on when you buy the property. But it’s just one part of the picture!
  2. Cost to Rehab a House: This is where you’ll spend a big chunk of your budget, and it includes the fun cosmetic upgrades as well as any structural or systems upgrades the house needs. Make sure to plan for unexpected costs here because they’re sure to pop up.
  3. Carrying Costs to Flip a House: You still have to pay the monthly taxes, utilities, and insurance even when you’re flipping a house.
  4. Fix & Flip Marketing and Sales Costs: Flipping a house means that you plan to sell it after you remodel. So you have to factor in the costs associated with selling the home, including real estate agent commissions.

If you’re ready to get flipping, contact us today! We have our eyes on the market and are always on the lookout for properties that would be just the perfect flip!

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Edina, MN Home Remodel | Main Level Tour

January 18, 2023

Check out the Main Level Tour and Phase 1 of our investor’s Edina, Minnesota home renovation! This brave investor took on this massive remodel project with tenacity and a home design mind like no other. Day and night, her and her team are working hard to make this home into an incredible opportunity for any Buyer looking to buy a home in Edina, MN.

Stay tuned for the Lower Level Tour and More, Coming Soon!

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Minnesota Market Monday: Orono, MN

January 18, 2023

Minnesota Market Monday: This week we are featuring the area of Orono, Minnesota. The city of Orono is located about 30 minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka. It offers a more rural feel with many surrounding parks and a wealth of wildlife. Voted #11 for Places With the Best Public Schools in Minnesota by Niche.com, the Orono area maintains a high homeownership rate and has been reviewed as “truly a special place to live”.

For more information about Orono, Minnesota real estate, and/or the surrounding areas, contact us today!

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Minnesota Market Monday: Wayzata, MN

January 9, 2023

Minnesota Market Monday: This week we are focusing in and featuring one Minnesota area, today’s featured city is Wayzata. The city of Wayzata is located about 11 miles West of Minneapolis and is known for its proximity to Lake Minnetonka and bustling business community. From unique shopping and dining experiences to year-round lake activities and a family-friendly festival known as James J. Hill Days, Wayzata offers a small town feel with modern downtown amenities.

Contact Chelsea@AvenueRealtyMN.com for more information about Wayzata real estate and/or the Minnesota area you currently live in.

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Market Forecast 2023

January 6, 2023

In 2022 we saw major shifts in the market.

Home Prices: Some experts think home prices will drop in 2023, though the forecasted decline is higher in the New Home market. Moody’s Analytics expects house prices to drop by 10 percent due to rising housing costs and mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates: Although there is a lot of uncertainty, some experts think that rates will dip or level out.

Economic Outlook: Fitch Ratings’ most recent global economic outlook predicts a mild recession despite job growth remaining “exceptionally strong” and growing consumer spending.

The good news? A recession does not necessarily mean that a housing crisis is on its way. If you have plans to buy or sell a home this year, contact Chelsea@AvenueRealtyMN.com for more information about the area you live in.


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