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Why should I stage my home before putting it on the market?

The primary reason to stage your home is to provide potential Buyers with the best possible impression of your home. A better impression translates to more money in an offer. Additionally, staging is the best way to prepare you for your next move via organizing and packing. Our team has many simple tips for staging, and we often assist our clients with staging their home at no additional charge.

Why should I repair broken items before selling?

Making known repairs before putting your house on the market will greatly increase the success you have when negotiating the sale of the home. We encourage our clients to get a pre-inspection completed and to make as many of the affordable repairs as possible – and/or price the property accordingly to reflect the repairs needed. Doing so will increase your negotiating power, give the Buyer a sense of security, and help both parties feel the property is priced at fair market value.

What becomes a “fixture” of the home and is sold with the home?

Fixtures or attachments to a home are items that are meant to be permanently affixed to the property. Some examples include: plumbing/electrical items, heating/cooling systems, built-in appliances/cabinetry, window treatments, shrubs/trees, etc. Always feel free to ask if you ever have a question on whether or not an item is included with the sale of your home.

Chelsea has been wonderful to work with. She’s highly resourceful, throuogh, motivated and we always feel as though our needs are her top priority. I would recommend her tijme and time again. She’s proven to be an excellent agent and collaborator.

Kristi S.