Temple Lane: Putting the Pieces Together

December 10, 2020

Remodeling feels a lot like a giant, one-thousand-piece puzzle – you see the beautifully finished masterpiece on the cover of the box, then you open the box and dump out all the pieces, and its then that you wonder, will all these little pieces really become my masterpiece?

Now I wouldn’t dare tell you that when you run into those few pieces that are missing or refuse to find their place, you’re not going to feel like maybe you should’ve gone with the smaller puzzle, because you probably will. You will also find that when you persevere and the puzzle begins to come together, no matter what piece you struggled with, you will be so much happier you stayed the course.

We are nearing the end of our new kitchen puzzle, the pieces we have left are small and yet ones that hold a big impact on our final masterpiece. While we look forward to the finish line, we feel incredibly accomplished in having completed so much thus far. From the first thoughts of tearing down a wall for a new kitchen to the first day we were able to wash our hands in our new kitchen sink, the ups and downs were worth it all.

Please enjoy the newest pictures of our project and I will be sure to update you all again when the final masterpiece is complete. And for those of you in the midst of your own remodel, please never give up because all of sudden, BAM, you will find your missing piece!!






Chelsea Knutson





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